Introduction & Looking Back at 2017

  The idea of a blog has interested me for a while, and while I wasn't always sure what exactly to post, or in what form I wanted said blog to take, I knew that I had something to say. Too often do friends and family tell me they wish they had somewhere they could come to look at my work and to see what I have been up to lately in my life. Perhaps this is the best way to solve that problem.

  For those of you who don't know me, my name is Chris Green. I am a professional photographer from Miami who is now based in Orlando, Fl. My area of focus is motorsports, though through my travels and various working relationships in journalism and photography, I also fill my year with other sports and my enjoyment of nature and our National Park system.

  I have worked in the newspaper and radio industries before settling into photography, but still lend my writing talents to My work has been published around the world, and I continue to strive for a greater understanding of both photography, and through it, the world around me.

  Fair warning; you will also see me quite often on social media visiting the Walt Disney World Resort here in Orlando. My girlfriend is a proud Cast Member with the Walt Disney Company, and I have been a loyal Annual Passholder for many years. I have found some of my best work has come while waiting for my girlfriend to get off of work, and therefore I can be often found with laptop in hand and my camera over my shoulder wandering Disney property during the weekdays I am actually home.

  Without further explanation of my life story, I wanted to make my first post a look back at my 2017 experience in photography with a (very) small gallery of images that show an idea of both the width and breadth of my work, both in terms of subject and locations. I look forward to opening my world to you in the future, and promise to try and not make my future posts too lengthy in words. 

  As always, you can connect with me via social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For those looking for bookings and business information, email me at, or through the Contact Us tab at the top of the screen. Select photos are available to purchase through my website directly by clicking "Buy" or "Buy Photos" in each gallery.


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