After dropping Melinda off for a class-event at Port Canaveral, I took the couple of hours I had of free time to explore some of Florida's space coast. Just a few minute's drive from Port Canaveral is the entrance to Canaveral Air Force Station. Just outside is the Air Force Space & Missile Museum. This small gem of a free museum features some incredible photography, exhibits, and displays that track the launch history of each launch pad located at the base. From the early Mercury missions to the latest SpaceX, ULA, and Blue Origin launches, you can see how each facility evolved through the years while getting an up close look at some space tech. For the space geeks, the museum is also located in the same location as SpaceX Launch & Landing Control. 
  After that, I ventured to the port itself into the Port Canaveral Exploration Tower. This small museum includes several floors of history about the port, from shipping to space exploration. Perhaps the coolest aspect is the seventh-floor observation tower that provides great views of the port and SpaceX's unloading dock. There, a Dragon capsule was being unloaded in its protective wrapping for a future mission.
  You can find more information about the Air Force Space & Missile Museum by visiting their website.

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