The SpaceX GOVSAT-1 launch was important for several reasons. First, it was the first launch by SpaceX since the secretive ZUMA payload was lost earlier in the month (by no fault of SpaceX as it turned out). Second, it marked another successful launch on an already used Falcon 9 first stage. Third, it provided a surprising realization for the company; while the first stage was not set to be recovered either on land or a droneship at sea, the rocket fired its thrusters at the last moment before crashing into the Atlantic in an effort to see how it would fare...and it currently sits floating on top of the waves having survived the ordeal! Finally, this was one of the final hurdles that needed to be cleared for the Falcon Heavy to launch on February 6th. I was able to catch this launch from the UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management, but thanks to the cloud cover, only got a few somewhat decent shots. Next up: Falcon Heavy.

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