Washington D.C. - Spring 2018 - Chris Green Photography

  Since my 5th grade class field-trip to Washington D.C., my family and I have always tried (however unsuccessfully) to plan a family visit to the city to see the sights. Let's face it; as a kid in school, you get whisked in and out as fast as possible without a chance to enjoy the sights as much as if you were visiting on your own. Over the years, I had given up on the trip ever happening. Finally, when the planning for our family trip to Canada and back for several race weekends came, the idea of visiting Washington came up, and it all fell into place. Over 16 years later, here we are! 
   I didn't take a lot of equipment with me around town, and I may not have spent as much time at some spots as I would have liked, but I certainly saw a lot and my images were a lot better than my throwaway camera from 2001. Attached are some of the shots I got from the visit, including the National Mall, Arlington National Cemetery, various Smithsonian museums, and countless monuments. 


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